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The Fur Debate

WWD gives an interesting insight into the continuous debate about which type of 'fur' is better, WWD - The Fur Debate. We think its important for people to see the big picture - yes there are animal rights questions and at Furry Furs we are rigorous to ensure that the fur we use is not only well kept but also a by product, thus our furs are not killed solely for the purpose of our collection.  In an era where people chant how they are vegetarians but eat chicken or vegan due to animal rights and then wear leather, we need to look and see what is important to us. For us at Furry Furs we are interested in both our animals...

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The Fur Sustainability Debate

HILARY GEORGE-PARKIN APR 26, 2018 With more and more designers ditching the real stuff, it's the question on everyone's mind.Welcome to Sustainability Week! While Fashionista covers sustainability news and eco-friendly brands all year round, we wanted to use this time around Earth Day and the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse as a reminder to focus on the impact that the fashion industry has on people and the planet. Back in the early '90s, the fashion industry's backlash against fur played out on billboards and in magazine ads, with supermodels stripping down and proclaiming that they'd "rather go naked" than wear it. Animal rights were the era's cause célèbre, led by the controversial activists at People for the Ethical Treatment...

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